Marth Stewart wants to upload her soul into your home.

Wired 11.06: Martha Stewart is Editing Your Life (That Includes You,

Is there anything that you think ought to be invented to make all of us happier?
I have a dream – a computer screen that can be anywhere. It would be voice-activated – I’d like to be able to talk to my screen, on my refrigerator or on my wall. I’m busy, I’m always running around, so I want instant on/off. I know it can be done. The homemaker doesn’t want to wait. She wants to make time to do other things. Have you talked to anybody about this? I’ve talked to Steve Jobs, and to Bill Gates’ crew, about a technology for the homemaker, but they’re not interested. So I’m developing my own software, a home organizer. It tells you what kind of curtain you could make and gives you a pattern and the yardage. It gives you proportions with which you can design your room. It also tells you how much water your house used last August – no need to go back to the paper file. I want my utility company, my insurance company, to send me everything via computer. I call it living by synopsis. It’s very simple, but I think it will be very big. I’ve been thinking about this for five years, and we now have an outline for it. I presented it to John Doerr’s guys [at the VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers], and they said, well, that’s rather ambitious. It’s not ambitious, it just takes a long time.