Wus’on the Telly, Love?

Interact-TV of Colorado announced today that they’re beginning to ship their MC1000 Digital Entertainment Center a.k.a. the “Telly.” This Linux-based box is designed to function as an all-in-one digital media computer. It will record cable TV, record and rip CDs, play DVDs, and access (limited) Net content. The box even has a built-in Web server so you can access your Telly content from any browser.

The most exciting thing about the Telly is that it’s Linux-based and has been designed to be easily software and hardware upgragable. The makers claim that it’s no biggie to swap out for a bigger hard drive, add a DVD-RAM drive, etc.

The Telly sells for US$900 and comes with a free programming guide for the PVR function.

More info at: www.interact-tv.com.