Bluejacking Not Just Harmless Fun

There was a brief spike recently in the trend of Bluejacking, which really wasn’t “jacking” at all so much as spoofing people by sending harmless messages to Bluetooth enabled phones. But Bluejacking has given way to Bluesnarfing (?) — an actual hack of a Bluetooth enabled phone that can copy or edit a person’s address or organizer files in the phone. This hack could affect users of many phones, such as the Sony Ericsson ones in which Bluetooth is more popular, but only when the phone is in “discovery” mode, which is user-initiated. Nokia phones with Bluetooth may be more subject to hack though, since for some reason the security hole in those phones can be exploited even when the BT is in passive mode.

The folks who discovered this weakness in the BT authentication protocols have posted information, including a chart that deatails the vulnerability of particular phones.
via C|Net.