90s Cyperpunk Comic to Finish on Web?

One of the cool things about putting Beyond Cyberpunk! on the Web has been that its content is now getting linked to far and wide. It has triggered fond memories of the bad ol’ days of early cyberculture for some, and its reviews and essays are being pointed to by others. Following these links back has led to some fun discoveries. One recent example is a LiveJournal entry where ComicBookLovers linked to my BCP! review of the comic book “The Blue Lily” and wondered whatever happened to books 3 and 4 (only 1 and 2 ever saw print). Author and artist of the book wrote the poster back and updates fans on Blue Lily’s possible-future. His email, after the jump.

[And yes, I know I misspelled “Lily” in the review. Hey, at least I was consistent. What can I say, we were young and stupid. Now we’re old and careful — and much less fun to be around at parties.]