Of Moognets and Moofobs

If you haven’t heard about Moo Mini Cards yet, they’re 28mm x 70mm (think: half a business card) photocards that have images on one side and brief calling card-like info or other text on the other. Originally designed as a kid’s playful biz card, they’ve really taken off as Flickr photocards. For US$20, you can get 100 cards of your Flickr photostream, with all the images different, if you like. The cards have become very popular on Flickr, with people trading them, photographing them in odd situations, making them into composite images, etc. There’s something very infectious, almost fetishistic, about the small size, the thick card stock, the glossy satin finish, that’s turned them into something of a phenom.

Having all those Mini Cards around has inspired some “Moosters” to make useful, fun things out of them. On Meg Pickard’s blog, she shows you how to make Moognets (ugh), fridge mag Moo Cards, and on Red Mum blog, she shows how to laminate them and turn them into Moofobs, keychain decor.

Flickr Moo Card enthusiast Danielle Blue has morphed her Moofobs (say *that* ten tens) into something approaching jewelry.