Mousey on Make’s Weekend Projects Podcast

I got a chance to meet Bre Pettis at the Maker Faire and he picked up a Mousey parts bundle and shot some footage of me for his Make: Weekend Projects podcast. Here is the result.

Man, do I ever have a face for radio! At least I sound reasonably coherent, which is a bonus.

BTW: In building this project, Bre experienced the dreaded “max headroom” problem, i.e., not allowing enough room above the circuit wiring to be able to screw the top of the mouse back on when you’re done. He also used solid core wiring throughout. It’s best to use stranded 24-guage inside and only solid core for the eyestalk wires. And even with stranded, you still want to make sure that you keep your wire lengths as short as possible. When I built the Mousey I’m holding in the above photo, I wasn’t as mindful of wire-length as I should’ve been, and when I was done, I couldn’t get the top back on. I had to re-route some of the wires to the sides of the LM386 chip and the relay to free up enough room. A royal pain.