Jeff Han’s Perceptive Pixel

Yeah, I know. At this point you’re probably thinking Foo Camp/Schmoo Camp. I’ll stop with the Foo Camp postings soon. But not just yet…

I love when you’re at a conference, or otherwise meet someone, and then you go home, google them, and the true import of who you were talking to becomes apparent. Such was the case with Jeff Han. He and I got a lift from Camp to SF/SFO with Erin McKean (thanks for the lift, Erin!). We chatted about this and that over burgers and double-frieds at In-N-Out Burger. He said he was a multi-touch interface designer. He talked a little bit about the finer points of finer points (e.g. how multi-touch can also read degrees of pressure as an input variable). Nice guy, cool job, great lunch. And he was off. I got home and wanted to find out more. I ended up at this mesmerizing video and had my mind suitably blown. Yes, you’ve already seen this in Minority Report, but this is real-world tech (and there’s no need for the Michael Jackson glitter gloves). Coming soon to a Pre-Crime Sector Station near you (or hopefully some less ominous, more human-beneficial application). Also, check out Jeff’s TED presentation for a more nuts and bolts look at the tech involved.