Another TiddlyWiki-based GTD

Street Tech (and Make) readers may already know that I’m a fan of GTDTiddlywiki, the in-browser personal organizer based on the Getting Things Done system and wiki technology. I’ve been using it, happily, for over a year and half. I’m tempted by some of the other GTD tools that are constantly pouring onto the interwebs, but I’m trying to stick with one system as long as possible and not make constant system upgrade and maintenance take away too from time from GTD. But if I *was* going to switch it up, I might go with MonkeyGTD, another Tiddlywiki-based client-side wiki that adds a dashboard, a global view of all of your next actions, projects, etc. and a layout that’s more open, more… er… iGoogle-like. In fact, I’m attracted enough to this, I probably will make the switch sooner or later.