Burn, Baby, Burn

Attention Mac open software shoppers. Lifehacker’s “Download of the Day,” called Burn, looks worth checking out:

“While there are a lot of burning apps available for the Mac that can cover some of these bases individually (Disk Utility for disk images, iTunes for audio, etc.), Burn is by far the most powerful, free, all-in-one burner for OS X I’ve seen. Burn is free, Mac OS X only.”

Link to the rest of the item.


Signage of Mass Destruction

We would recommend that you print out these awesome, funny, and intention- clarifying stickers, created by hardware virtuoso Bunnie Huang, but given the hysterical depths to which we’ve descended, where a flat cartoon sign is mistaken for a weapon of terror, use of such stickers would probably get you tossed in the same stew pot as those two snickering Cartoon Network guerrilla marketeers.

Is it just me, or are the wheels starting to seriously come off this thing?

[Via Boing Boing]

Pleo Robot Delays, Contest

Pleo Stairs
[Above photo: courtesy of Perspective Branding]

Robert Oschler, of RobotsRule, tells Street Tech:

The Pleo pre-order date has been moved from February 3rd to sometime this spring. To make up for it, maker Ugobe is holding a contest to give away ten Pleos via an essay contest from those people signed up on Ugobe’s mailing list. You must be signed up by the contest start date of Febuary 3rd. The contest asks entrants to write a 250-word essay on “How do you envision robotic life forms influencing or touching your life in the next five years?“. Only the first 500 submissions will be accepted. Out of those, ten will be chosen based on the best answer to receive a free Pleo that will come with a personal note from Caleb Chung.

Pleo is being delayed due to upgrades like the following:
– It’s eyes are being redone to look as realistic and life like as possible.
– The skin is being refined to have features that are painted on to be replaced with sculpted details that will give the impression of muscle tissue under the skin.
– The number of sounds Pleo can make is being expanded on the speaker upgraded to make Pleo’s voice much more realistic.
– Finally, a chin sensor is being added so scratching Pleo under the chin gets an fun playful reaction.

People can learn more about Pleo at the RobotsRule Pleo Dinosaur page.

USB Posture Police

You’ve likely seen those gadgets that monitor your position behind the wheel of a car and squawk if you start to nod out. Well, this one does the same sort of thing when you’re behind the wheel of your big 20″, A.K.A. your computer monitor, and you’ve squirmed and wormed yourself into a posture that only a circus contortionist could love. It’s like a USB version of a nagging mother telling you to sit up straight. (Rolling pin to the back of the head sold separately.)