Kustom Kase Industries

When I was a kid, people did whacky things like put neon tubes on the bottom of their hand-me-down Japanese import cars. Today, it’s all about customizing your computer to equal levels of refinement. On this site, which caters to the customizing crowd, you can read all about the latest mods in the Mods Dictonary. Heard of Appliqu├ęs, Fan Grills, Case Windows, Electro-luminescent cable (EL cable), or the infamous Hard Drive Mod (where you open up the sacred dust-free “skull” of a hard drive to replace the top plate with transparent plastic)? Totally destructive in terms of drive life and data security, it’s done for the sheer beauty of it. You can also get a drive bezel painted to match the rest of your case for a few bucks.

Heavily tweaked PC cases — the muscle cars of the 21st century!