Gareth’s Week on MAKE

Here are the items I blogged this week on MAKE:

Wiimote as car accelerometer – Link
Six-button capacitive touch pad – Link
HOW TO – Make a simple fly trap – Link
Home roasting rigs building contest – Link
Make your own Moonbeam – Link
HOW TO – Track (and document) currency – Link
Huge lens: project or paperweight? – Link
Green steam – Link
Of Moonbeams and motorcycles – Link
Tools you didn’t know you needed – Link
Personal blimps – Link
Wii telescope control – Link
BEAM bots with complex behaviors – Link
Game machine hacking at Vienna Dorkbot – Link
Ordering PCBs from China – Link

Wow. That was a lot (Phillip was away at OSCON).


Mobile Blogging Software: Nano-Review

In the course of reviewing the Sony UX50 I discovered that it is perhaps the best possible tool for mobile bloggers. But my service, Blogger, doesn’t offer email blog updates and while the web interface is fine from the PC, it’s cumbersome from a PDA. That’s when I ran across Vagablog.

Vagablog is software for any Palm OS device that has wireless access, which means pretty much anything in the Palm Tungsten line, or any number of other units that have Bluetooth, WiFi or cellular data connectivity. Vagablog is a prototypical Palm application: it is simple, cheap and effective. And it works with JournalSpace and Blogger, two very good free blog hosts. It supports multiple blogs too, so if you’ve got a couple places that you like to post this is definitely a great tool.

While the features are pretty limited right now, Vagablog plans to support pictures, basic HTML coding for links, and other features that will make blogging as simple as just jotting down some notes about your day. And the $7 price can’t be beat for a tool that just keeps getting better with each update.