Hysterical Ashlee Simpson iPod Spoof

The laughter continues at the expense of corporate pop confection Ashlee Simpson with this hysterical riff on Apple’s U2 special edition iPod. It even comes with enough money to use a payphone to call your daddy when you get caught lipsyncing live on national television. Talk about getting caught with your ultra-low-rise jeans around your ankles. Yikes!

Cyborg-in-Chief’s New TiVo Book

My latest book is called Leo Laporte’s Guide to TiVo (part of Leo’s new LeoVille imprint for Que). Unlike other TiVo books, mine is designed to appeal to users of all levels, from beginners shopping for TiVo to those wishing to do hardware upgrades and peak under the hood of their box. The book includes a CD-ROM with a number of the best TiVo open source apps (for both S1 and S2 TiVos), the indespensible MFS Tools 2.0 (for hard drive backup and restore), and a mini-distro of Linux you can boot into from your PC.

The book was somewhat of a Street Tech community effort, with ST staff photographer Jay Townsend snapping the pics, my son Blake doing some of the illustrations, ST patron saint Mark Frauenfelder providing awesome cartoons/icons, and ST webmaster Tim Tate offering some tech backup. Tech editing for the book was done by our good pals at Weaknees.com.

Dumb, Yet Addictive

In the past three weeks, I’ve been attacked by an undead can of tomatoes, completed the quest of the Deep-Fat Friars, and stormed the lair of the Ninja Snowmen with my trusty balloon monkey by my side. It’s the only online RPG populated by black-and-white stick figures, but I’ve become hooked on the Kingdom of Loathing.