Happy SysAdmin Day, Tim!

Hey, did you know that today is SysAdmin Appreciation Day? Well, it is, and we owe a high-bandwith pipe’s worth o’ gratitude to OUR guy, Tim Tate, a.k.a. Tatertot, a.k.a. Timmy Tuner, a.k.a. the Potentato.

Thanks for all of the great VOLUNTEER work on Street Tech, Tim. You r00l!

[And readers: Don’t blame Tim for the site downtime. That part ain’t his fault and we ain’t ‘preciatin’ those whose fault it is (no offense or nothin’). You just ain’t getting the bouquet o’ red roses.]

Make: It’s ReadyMade for geeks

Street Tech pal Mark Frauenfelder and O’Reilly Networks have just announced a new magazine they’re launching in early 2005. Make: will concentrate on DIY projects using technology. The first issue will have articles on kite aerial photography, a homemade steadycam, and other cool projects. I can’t wait.

New iPod Announced

Apple is announcing a new iPod, the fourth generation of the wildly popular device that still reigns the hard-drive based MP3 category. The new device reportedly is a tad thinner, and is exactly the same design but for the scroll wheel (which is similar to that introduced on the mini iPod, and eliminates the need for the four play buttons, aka the “Click Wheel”), but will have 50% more playback time (with better power management) and will cost $100 less for both the 40 Gb and 20 Gb models (now $400 and $300 respectively). Details are sketchy, but the Apple store is currently under reconstruction, so the new models are expected to be for sale later today.

News of the new iPod broke as a Newsweek magazine cover and article on the topic leaked late yesterday on sources like MacRumors and Engadget.

Update: The store is now open, the new iPods are available for sale. the 15 Gb iPod is no longer available, and the 20 Gb model doesn’t come with the docking cradle anymore. The new units are now chargable by either Firewire or USB 2.0 too. Other updates include tweaks to the firmware, which allow easier access to the “shuffle” function, the creation of multiple on-the-go playlists, and adjustable playback speed for audio books.

Custom Bionic Implants Manufactured While You Wait

PC Magazine is reporting about two new sites which, like online DIY publishing houses, places power in your hands previously only available to corporations and rich hobbyists. eMachineShop and Pad2Pad will manufacture machine parts and circuit boards, respectively, to your exact specifications. You design them on your desktop using their specialized software and in a few days your new custom components will be in your hands. How cool is that?

Attention: Comic Book Geeks!

The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy sez: “Best Pre-Chapter 11 Appeal EVER!”


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