iDog, One Annoying Little Robo-Turd

Okay, this is just WRONG. Sega has released the iDog, a “musicbot” that allows you to play your iPod (or other digital player) through its speaker. It lights up, it moves its ears, it makes a lot of noise, it plays back your recorded music through a crappy little mono speaker (while its servo motors whir and an internal sound chip adds annoying audio effects to the playback). Make it stop, please make it stop!

Watch the video to get that sinking feeling of techno-decadence run amuck.

Speak n’ Spell MIDI Interface

For all you Benders out there:

Street Tech staff photographer Jay Townsend writes:

This kit contains a standard MIDI IN port module that fits inside a “Speak & Spell,” “Speak & Read,” or “Speak & Math” toy. This lets you create some cool lo-tech sounds to use as loops and effects for techno and experimental music.

Cool Factor: High
Geek Factor: Even Higher

Fun with the Apple Cube

There have been several LEGO-based case mods recently. Here’s the latest, for the short-live Apple Cube.

We always liked the Cube (Mac Mini 1.0?), but aren’t a big fan of the whole Lucite thing (tres ’70s) Note to Apple: Lose the Lucite crumb-catcher keyboard on the new iMacs!

Anywho… this mod covers the Cube in lovely glossy-black LEGO blocks.

[Via TUAW]

Magneato Microbot

How cool is this? You’ve seen the passive, swallowable camera capsules (the so-called “pooperazi”), the newer, active versions that can swim to targeted locations. Now, thanks to a Swiss developer, there’s an ingenious injectable bot on the horizon that uses external electro-magnetic power to travel through the body. Amazingly, the microbot can be actuated. Movable components are tuned to different frequencies and switching those frequencies on actuates those parts. Awesome!

[Via we-make-money-not-art]

Aeon Flux Trailer

Watching Peter Chung’s animated series for MTV, Aeon Flux, was the closest I’ve gotten to hallucinating since I, well, stopped ingesting things that do the heavy lifting for you. So, I’ve been keenly interested in the live action film, starring the very talented and painfully hot Chalize Theron.

After watching the trailer, I gotta say: P.U.! This thing looks ALL wrong. It has none of the inexplicable, tripped-out, lizard-brain insanity that made the cartoon so effective. They didn’t even get Aeon’s look right. A possible tip off to the fact that it might be crap is the rumor that Paramount had originally slated it for September. That’s usually where poorly-tested films go to die. It currently has a Dec. 2 release date.