“Egosurfing” on Jeopardy

“Egosurfing” was one of the answers on Jeopardy tonight. This term was coined by Street Tech co-founder Sean Carton. The rather embarassing thing about it is that it was sorta coined in reference to ME! Years ago (1997?) Sean called me up and asked: “What are you doing?” I told him I was on a search engine looking up my own name. He laughed and said he did that all the time too and that there should be a word for the practice. He called back later and had come up with “egosurfing.'” A few months later, I used it in Jargon Watch. I usually don’t use made up words like this, but egosurfing was just too good to pass up. It has proven to be extremely viral, finding its way into the OED of Slang, and other places, and now, Jeopardy.