GNU/Linux Phone!

Motorola has released, at least in Asia, their first GNU/Linux based phone. As far as I know, it’s the first Linux phone to actually make it to market. The new A760 seems to be based on Motorola’s previous hybrid phone, the A388 currently available for Cingular. That phone had a mono screen, which seems to have gotten an upgrade to color on the newest version, but otherwise the hardware looks much the same, and probably comes close to the 4.5 oz weight and 3.86″ x 2.28″ x .98″. The A388 is a GSM phone with GPRS capability, and includes both web browsing software as well as PIM functions. Expect the A760 to have the same specs but a more refined software package that will be upgradable and expandable through third-party developers.

Motorola also debuted a new camera phone, called the vV690, capable of video streaming that looks to be very compact and stylish. Go to Digitimes for more pics and details about nine new phones from Motorola.