iRiver DivX Player, More

You might not be familiar with the iRiver brand of MP3 players, but they’ve earned some good reviews in the last year, mostly for their tiny keychain flash-based MP3 player and the HD player iHP-120 that made it on our x-mas list (but not, unfortunately, actually under the tree).

iRiver’s capitalizing on their success by expanding their product line in a bold way: almost everything in the line is going to have a color display (probably OLED) that doesn’t seem to use much juice. Included in the line-up is the pictured portable DivX player that plays movies from CDR on the 2″ color screen or on a larger TV though video-out. There’s also an HD MP3 player with 2″ color screen, though it’s not clear if it plays DivX. And they’ve got two portable media players with 3.5″ screens — one that’s “Windows Media Center” compatible and one that’s not, the latter being the one you want because it’ll probably play DivX and non-WMA files. Price and release dates as yet unknown, but we’ll keep our eye out.

Looks like we’ve already got something for our x-mas list next year….