BCP! Revisited

The release of Stephen Young’s port of Beyond Cyberpunk! has created a spike of traffic to Street Tech, numerous blog items, and many emails from fans of the stack. It’s been quite exciting. As my multimedia guru, and BCP! programming mastermind, Peter Sugarman put it: “We’re famous again.”

In doing a search on what cyberspace was currently saying about BCP!, I unearthed a couple of reviews from when the stack was first released:

Hypertext and Science Fiction This piece, by Brooks Landon in the academic journal Science Fiction Studies, was the most in-depth look at BCP! and its larger import.

Tidbits Review Pioneering tech journalist Adam Engst reviewed BCP! in his early Mac-oriented e-list Tidbits.

The Mondo 2000 review Our pal Jon Lebkowsky reviewed the stack for Mondo 2000. This reprint is courtesy of The Well Gopher. Jezuz, who the f*** remembers Gopherspace!?

Hypermedia scholar Stuart Moulthrop’s “Personal Chronology of Cybertext and Electronic Text Art.” Shows BCP! in the context of hypermedia history. Note that the release date is incorrect (it was actually 11/17/91) and Peter Sugarman should get full credit as a creator. Email sent. Would love to know the month-dates of the other hypermedia milestones for ’91, to see where we fit in.

We’re hoping to put up the remaining pieces of the BCP! archive, including Darick Chamberlin’s amazing “BlipVert Zone,” Mark Frauenfelder’s and my BCP! comic book, Jim Leftwich, John Bergin, and Mark Frauenfelder’s BCP! ads, and other material ASAP.