NetFlix Model for other Products?

Taking a cue from NetFlix, an Internet-based handbag company called Frombagstoriches is offering a similar type of borrowing service for handbags. Now fashionistas on a budget can kick it like Paris Hilton, never being seen with the same handbag twice.

We’d love to see this model catch on in other product areas. Personally, I’d love to subscribe to a boardgame service or a robot rental. Luckily, many of the robots and robot building sets I own, I didn’t pay for (review units), but honestly, most of them only hold my attention for a few solid days and then I’m done. I’d love to be able to mess with a Robosapien or a nuvo or whatever for a few weeks and then send it back so that another bot can show up on my doorstep.

[Via Gizmag]