YouTube: The MTV That Never Happened

I may be late to the party, but I haven’t spent much time on any of the video services that seem to be cropping up like mushrooms in fresh cow patties. This weekend, through a “serendipity search,” I ended up taking a link to a Kate Bush video on YouTube. Several days later, I peeled my eyeballs off of the monitor, having delved deeply into the thousands of music videos archived there. I went bananas. I tried searching on nearly every band/artist I’ve ever been in love with, and found something almost every time: music videos, snips from rockumentaries, concert footage, TV appearances, mash-ups, YouTube members croaking through their own covers, and on and on. It’s heaven in there! I’m sure a lot of this stuff has been available on P2P for a while now, but frequently, when I’ve done searches, I’ve ended up downloading crap and just given up after a while. This is a far more satisfying (and addictive) experience.