Chad Vader: NIGHT Shift Manager

Back in August we provided some enthusiastic links to Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager. The creators of the series had two episodes in the can (on the removable media? In the RAID array?).

Well, if you haven’t been following along in your news feeder, Blame Society Productions now has two other episodes available. The BSP website also has some additional material, like behind the scenes photos, interviews with the creators, and even some fan music videos (fan films of a fan film: who’d a thunk it?). BSP is also looking for donations to pay their substantial bandwidth charges. They have Chad Vader Cafe Press merch to help the cause. Perhaps a Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager thong for Mrs. Vader?

Oh, and by the way, it’s Chad Vader: NIGHT Shift Manager now, and Chad is NOT happy about it, or the fact that the checkout girl, Clarissa, may be going out with his arch nemesis, Clint, now DAY Shift Manager.

Here’s the link to Episode 3.
Here’s the link to Episode 4.