Bill Gurstelle, In Search of Thrills, At Foo Camp

Bill Gurstelle is someone associated with Make and the Maker community to whom, through various circumstances, I’m drawn ever-closer. Bill is the author of Backyard Ballistics and Whoosh, Boom, Splat. He is a mad genius, a scholar, and a gentleman (at least he’s gentlemanly enough to warn you that he’s about to tell you something dirty or disgusting before he proceeds to do so). I spent a bunch of time with him at Foo Camp and had a blast (and no, that’s not an attempt at bad pyro punnage).

Bill, seen above in a Brian Jepson photo, gave a talk on “Living Dangerously in a Risk-Obsessed World.” It was a fun, sort of think-out-loud session for his next book, which looks at risk and thrill-seeking and its role in human evolution.

Here, Eric Wilhelm (foreground), of Instructables, tells us about the time he boxed a kangaroo. No, seriously. Also in the photo (L to R): Charles Platt, moi, Mark Atwood (standing), Mark Frauenfelder (behind Eric), and Avi Geiger (by a nose).

Brian has a few other photos of Foo in his Flickr sets.