There’s a Virus Goin’ On

Heads up on a Greeting Card worm that’s makin’ the rounds. If you get a message from somebody that normally doesn’t send virtual greeting cards (and who does, BTW?), be suspicious. I got it this morning (from a PR guy we deal with here at Street Tech), but luckily I didn’t click on it before I received his warning follow-up (see, sometimes being backed up with email is a good thing). More info

I thought toilet paper was “DIY”

Tired of that oh-so-20th century approach to post-“download” clean up: toilet paper? A Hong Kong company is circulating a piece of spam posing the musical question: “Are you still wiping with toilet paper?” Why, yes I am. Thanks for asking. For those of us Loteks still doing our own dirty work, the company promises the ultimate ablution (sorry, I couldn’t help myself). Their “Auto-Wiping DIY Ablution System” (a bidet by any other name) attaches to an existing toilet and blasts your backside with warm water after you’ve done your business. Wait, wouldn’t you still need to use TP to dry yourself off, Mr. Embarrassing Wetspot?

I guess they mean the installation is DIY (“suitable for any style stools”), but it still made me do a snickering double take. This is one piece of “lifestyle technology” I think I’ll…ah…pass.

[Thanks to Sean Carton!]


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This is Your Brain on Free Roaming

From Ditherati:

“I think what we’re seeing is an almost biological evolution of the species. I think we’re building a global nervous system and brain.” Arlington Institute president John Petersen, on how incessant use of cell phones is really a sign of progress, Los Angeles Times, 19 September 2002 Gee, didn’t we hear the same thing about computers and the Internet, ya know, before they got taken over by viruses, spam and Nigerian email scams