It Came From Outer Space

Just a reminder — the Leonid meteor shower has officially begun, and will be going strong all weekend until it peaks sometime on Tuesday. This year is supposed to be a spectacular show, especially on the East Coast which should have the best viewing for the peak. Go to for more information on where and when to best see the Leonids.

New Software for Scooping Internet News

UNIC (Universal News Internet Collector) software is designed for the efficient online collection of the latest news that matters to you, so that you can read it offline, any time. A key feature of UNIC is that you can read the news digests on either your desktop PC or your PocketPC by creating .lit files for use with Microsoft Reader. Check it out at Softaura

[Please Note: This “news” item was posted by the developer of the software, NOT an impartial user. – The Mgt.]

Street Tech Muse Gets His Due

Jim Leftwich, a grossly underappreciated artist, big thinker and interface designer, gets a bit of his due today at Wired News. His WAY before its time CyberPort Desktop (painstakingly built, pixel by pixel, with Mac II-era SuperPaint) was one of the big inspirations for our Beyond Cyberpunk! HyperCard project. Jim got on board with BCP in a big way and continued to do bleeding edge art that blew our minds on a nearly daily basis. You can see a number of images of his CyberPort with the article.

Congrats, Jim! You deserve it (and LOTS more).

[Thanks to Jay Townsend!]

New iPaq on the Horizon

Apparently Dell‘s not the only one with a low-priced Pocket PC in the works — HP (Compaq), who had the most successful Pocket PC with their iPaq, is soon going to be releasing this little gem called the iPaq 1910. Measuring just 4.5″ x 2.8″ x 0.5″, it’ll sport a 3.5″ screen (smaller than other iPaqs) and an X-Scale processor of just 200 MHz. Expansion sleeves of the old iPaqs will not fit the new unit, and the only expansion option will be through SD/MMC card. Price is going to be around $300. More info and pics from Infosync

Bruce Sterling on Open Source

This came out in July, but it’s so wonderful it deserves a good read. Viridian Note 00325: Open Source Speech

The older Bill gets, the uglier he gets. He’s a guy riding a white horse, that turned into a runaway bronco bull, that turned into a scaly crocodile, and now, it is turning into some kind of diseased revenant. It’s like the Steed of the Nazgul, those black, flying zombie horses that explode when exposed to fresh water. That’s what Microsoft is like now. These guys, these Nazgul… They used to be kings. They were originally human beings, they had wives and children and futures, they had their own little nations to govern and manage. But then there was the One Ring – One Ring to Rule Them All. One. And they couldn’t resist. And they gave in.

Free Sprint PCS module for Handspring

Handspring is giving away for free the Sprint PCS module for their Visor products. When combined with Sprint’s “Free and Clear” plan, you can browse the web as well as use your Visor as a cell phone. Hey, it’s no Danger Hiptop, but if you already have a Visor, and aren’t comitted to another cell provider, this could be the thing for you. These things used to be 300 bucks, now they’re yours for the $8.95 shipping!

The “Wired” of Science Mags?

Here’s an interesting pub that someone sent us a link to. It’s called SEED and it alleges to be a magazine that marries pop culture and science (exploring the influence that science is having on culture and vice versa). From the (scant) material on the site, it looks like it may be more about the POLITICS of science as it rubs up against culture, and be from a leftie perspective. Still, looks like it could be worth checking out. I will and report back.

[Thanks to John Bergin]