Is That a Camera Phone In Your Pocket?

Motorola has just announced the new v80 phone, which has a swing-around screen similar to the sexy though not terribly popular v70. The v80 has much better hardware, including an integrated 640×480 camera that can shoot in landscape mode when the screen is moved to 90 deg. But the best imrovement is the spring-loaded mechanism that automatically opens at the touch of a button, revealing the keypad in a smooth ballet of technology. You can imagine how this might be inconvenient or even embarrassing if the screen flipped open at the wrong time, though.

Happy release of this phone is Q2, price not yet known.

Cory’s New Novel Uploads (and Ships)

Street Tech pal Cory Doctorow’s new novel, Eastern Standard Tribe, starts shipping today. A free e-book version is also now available for download from his Web site He writes:

As with Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, my first novel, I’ve made the whole text of the novel available as a free download in a variety of open, standards-defined formats, under the terms of a Creative Commons license — and I’ve written a short essay explaining why I’ve done it: in a nutshell, this worked really well for my first book, and I’d be crazy not to repeat the experiment with my second novel.

X-Box 2 Will Have Multiple Processors

According to DesignTechnica some specs have leaked out suggesting that there may be as many as four processors inside the replacement for the X-Box gaming platform expected next year. Another revalation is that the unit may not include a hard-drive — something that the current X-Box has but that has proven more useful to hardware hackers than for the gaming itself.