Firesale prices at Gateway stores

As you may have read, Gateway is closing all of their retail stores this Friday. This means awesome prices on new clearance merchandise in the stores. I just picked up their 20 gig iPod-alike for $169 (normally $299), and the Gateway Connected DVD player was only $86. All other accessories were similarly marked down – cameras, burners, PLASMA TVs, etc.

SimTraffic for Your Website

VisitorVille is a website administration tool that essentially converts your traffic data into a mini SimCity — visitors to the website arrive in buses representing the search engine that brought them to your site, buildings represent the number of pages you have and the little visitors go into the buildings as they visit different pages. Of course, there are a lot of power features as well, showing a full range of data about individual and groups of visitors. I like the idea a lot, since it communicates real-time information about your own site in a way that is as easy to understand as watching a crowd.

Sony EyeToy Works As Webcam

Someone has finally figured out how to get the Sony Playstation EyeToy to work as a webcam, and it seems to be a pretty simple process: download a driver from D-Link, modify it a bit, and plug in the EyeToy to install the driver.

Note: Make sure to read the directions. It’s a simple process, but you need to edit the files differently depending on the seriel number on the EyeToy. Read the forums linked on the mod page to make sure you get it right.

Via Gizmodo