How Mighty is this Mouse?

I love a lot of what Apple makes. Their mice and keyboards are not counted amoung them. Usually, when I buy a new Mac, I give the mouse and keyboard the ol’ heave-ho — like that crumb-catcher keyboard on the G5 iMac — what the hell where they thinking?

So, I’m a little skeptical about Apple’s new “Mighty Mouse,” but it *could* be a winner. I didn’t like the top shell button they used on previous mice (where you just click the whole shell to trigger the button) — my hand would inadvertently press the button, so I wonder if this new mouse will have the same drawback.

Anyone else have a reaction to this release?

UPDATE Here’s a fairly in-depth review of the Mighty Mouse.

CD-Rs: More Unstable Than You Think

According to a piece published in the Dutch magazine PC Active, tests done on CD-R media show that data stored on the discs may start to degrade in as little as two years. Ouch.

The entire issue of long-term storage of digitial data is one that has received precious little attention. The future may be one in which giant swaths of the present are missing, thanks to legacy storage media or media that has succumbed to dreaded “bit-rot.”

Time to fire up the old dot-matrix printer and slot in a box o’ fan-fold paper, pappa’s got several decades worth of digital history to hammer out.