New Robot Mag

This new magazine, Robot, from Maplegate Media, known for their R/C hobby mags, looks promising. The premier issue features the guys from Mythbusters, principally Grant Imahara, using the Vex System to create a simplified version of iRobot’s military PackBot. The article detailing the project, and some short videos, are available online. Subscriptions to the magazine are US$20/4 issues.

Is that an iTune I hear in your bra, or are you just happy to see me?

This is allegedly not a joke (tho we have our suspicions): According to a short piece on the U.K.’s The Register, BT Laboratories is researching the idea of implanting MP3 players into…well implants, ya know, as in fake boobies. The piece asks:

God alone knows how you select tracks, but breasts do come equipped with a pleasing alternative to the iPod’s selector wheel. We can imagine the scenario: Girlfriend: “Oi, what the bloody hell are you doing?” Boyfriend: “Hold on, I’m just scrolling down to Stairway to Heaven.”

Doesn’t British Telecom have anything better to do with their research time and money? A decade or so ago, they got a lot of press for talking about research into downloading brains onto silicon and for chips that could record and backup all of your experiences for later retrieval. Maybe they should get back to that. Let me guess, they found out that these concepts, while great for press attention, are really, really hard (even impossible), but silicon in silicone? Not so much (and no less press-grubby).

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Nifty KD Tees

I personally don’t play Katamari Damacy, but I know other Street Techies are crazy about it. But I still might buy me one of these cool KD T-shirts. I’m lovin’ all the nerdy tees people are selling online these days. I wish I had more gold pieces to spend on further geek-pimpin’ my wardrobe.

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UPDATE Apparently, ZeStuff has pulled this item from its stock. Not sure if it’s sold out or what.

Damn Straight Solar is a Good Investment

There may be a silver lining to the current indignity of having to refinance your house every time you want to fill up your batmobile with dinosaur squeezins — according to a piece on Wired News, echoed on Treehugger, the solar cell market has (not surprisingly) gotten a boost as oil prices soar. A number of lead solar chip and panel companies have seen their stocks rise over the past year, from a couple of bucks a share to just under ten. Prices seem be slaved to those of oil, so when oil falls, so goes the solar cos. Still, hope springs eternal that this tech will finally get more attention, as oil and nat gas dependency bankrupts greater numbers of us little people.

It’s criminal to me that it’s the freakin’ 21st century and photovoltaic R&D and manufacturing is still so far from being “fast, cheap and out of control.” When I moved to DC in the ’80s, I had a scientist friend who’d come up with what looked like a very novel, maybe even doable way of more cheaply and easily manufacturing PV wafers. He couldn’t get R&D interest to save his soul. Okay, so maybe that was partially due to his eccentric mad-scientist persona, his disagreeable body odor, and the fact that he wanted to use chemicals that, if mishandled, could render entire neighborhoods uninhabitable, but still… Screw RFID tags, I want clothes, buildings, cars, and housepets that drink sunlight and fart direct current.

2-fer-1 boardgames at Amazon and ToysRUs

Battle Ball is US$7 on Amazon right now, and if you do the two-for-one Hasbro/Milton Bradley special and checkout codes, you get free shipping!

Also, if you go to a bricks and mortar ToysRUs, you can supposedly talk them into including Avalon Hill games (think Risk 2021 A.D. or RoboRally) by pointing to the Hasbro label on the box and holding your breath until you turn blue.

Thanks to Board Game Geeks for these tips!

Did someone say vPod?

Earlier in the day, iPodLounge reported an announced Apple “One More Thing” event, on Oct 12, the day after the company announces their fourth quarter financials. Last year, a similar event was held to announce the U2 and Photo pods. Speculation has been running rampant all day about what the new event might reveal. A clue might be in the red velvet curtain on the media invite. iTunes Movies? Video iPod? Mac Mini Entertainment Computer?

AppleInsider claims that their sources are confident it’s the Video iPod. A more video-friendly iTunes Music Store would likely accompany such an announcement. iMovies and video podcasts ON iPods here we come.

Halloween Costume DON’TS

Looking for a cool costume this Halloween? Please, for the love of Godpod, pass this one up! What the hell’s up with that mustache on Mario? [Shudder] And check out the stripper shoes on Princess Peach. Who knew?

[Via Kotaku]

Feeling a Little Gassy? has a nice set of tips on improving gas mileage. The author claims to have improved mileage from 19 to 25 mph, on a mini-van, by following these practices. Fuel prices being what they are, that’s savings worth taking note of.

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