The Data Stash We Bet You’ve Never Thought Of

I have a DiskGo 128MB Flash drive watch. It’s a real conversation piece at parties. People are wowed by it; the idea that I have a bunch of hi-res pictures, Word files, and my GTD TiddlyWiki organizer INSIDE my wristwatch — tres James Bond. So imagine what they’d think if I pulled a similar data cache out of my ear! That’s the bizarre idea behind the iDisk Diamond. It puts 128MB of storage onto a drive the size of your fingertip (and apparently, the opening to your ear canal). Personally, I think it’d be cooler to pull it out of a nostril, but then, not everyone’s endowed in that area like I am.

Jitterati Support App

I don’t know too many gadget weenies who aren’t also caffeine freaks. Surfing a universe of ones and zeroes while pegging the meter on your central nervous system just feels…right. Now, for all you BlackBerry-tottin’ joe-junkies out there, there’s a way to never be more than a few clicks away from a bean shack. Greystripe offers Caffeine Finder, a BlackBerry app that displays location info and reviews of some 45,000 US coffee shops (a couple of them NOT Starbucks). For Berry owners with GPS service, it’ll even guide your crashin’ ass to the closest re-fueling station.