Tangle of Wires or Digital Clock?

There’s geek, and then there’s GEEK. This, my friends, is GEEEEK. This guy, this lonely, lonely guy, has built a clock out of the venerable Intel 8008 processor. That and a pile of breadboards, additional ICs, lots of discreet components, spools of wire, and time, lots and lots of time.

You gotta admit, as wacky as it is, the results are pretty cool looking. The project is very well documented, for those who might want to undertake it, or live vicariously through those that did.

[Via Hacked Gadgets]

Vid of SpaceShipTwo at NextFest

This d00d from Cruxy and ionDB read Xeni’s BB post about Wired’s NextFest and the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo mock-up that was there, wandered down to the Javits Center, and ended up making a short viddy about the ship, interviewing the Veep of VG Marketing, and even getting to go for a “ride.” Now, his litttle vid’s gone somewhat viral. Ain’t blogspace and technology grand?