Zire Predictions

Palminfocenter has come up with some spy pics of Palm’s new upcoming handhelds, and they all are sure to spark the handheld war afresh; Palm’s low end unit will be called the Zire, will have 2 megs of RAM and cost just $99. According to Palminfocenter, the Tungsten line will be the high end line, and will include the first Palm OS5 handheld with ARM-based chip @ 175 MHz with 16 megs of RAM, internal Bluetooth, a “double density” 320×320 TFT screen with 65k colors and a fancy slide out Graffitti area cover with D-pad (pictured right). Another rumored device is a Palm PDA/Phone with similar features as the Tungsten T, but with wireless access and a biult-in keyboard for thumb-typists. Visit Palminfocenter for better pics and specs.

[Posted by Nate Heasley]