New Palms, But Will They Be Enough?

Palm has officially announced two new high-end devices — the Tungsten T, available now, and the Tungsten W, available after X-mas. The Tungsten T is the unit that we’ve posted pics of here before, with a sliding keyboard, etc. The T is the first unit available with Palm OS5, running on a 144 MHz processor with 16 megs of RAM (14 available) and a 320×320 screen, as predicted. In a first for Palm, it has a stereo headphone jack, microphone and high quality speaker, so it can do voice memos (though no native MP3 capablility). It also has built-in wireless communication via Bluetooth. Go to Palm for the full specs. Price is US$500.

The Tungsten W (pictured) will run OS4.1 on the old DragonBall 33 MHz chip, but will add GSM/GPRS capabilities, allowing users to make phone calls (via headset) and have access to the Web. The W will also have a built-in keyboard rather than the usual Graffiti. Price is $550. Specs at Palm.