Palm on Your Wrist

A new Palm OS device has just been announced — no, I’m not talking about the Zire or the Tungsten, I’m talking about the Fossil Wrist PDA with Palm OS. It has basically the same functionalilty as a Palm V, with full 16-shade grayscale 160×160 res touch-screen, 33MHz processor, 2 megs of RAM, Infrared port, USB sync, rechargable batteries (4 days of use) and the smallest stylus you’ve ever seen built right in to the watchband. It runs all programs for Palm OS4.1 or earier, so it’s possible to do full spreadsheet and wordprocessing on it. Not only that, but it should even be compatible with the PocketTop infrared PDA keyboard. Amazing. Price is unknown, but I’ll predict $200 retail. Click “Read More” for bigger pic.