Tiny Desktop GNU/Linux System

PC-maker Mini-Box has got another very small PC. The M-100 is based on a mini-itx board, has 256 megs of RAM, a 40-gig harddrive, and the embedded GNU/Linux OS loaded on a 128 meg compact flash card. The CF card reader is built-in to the chassis, as is a small LCD display (for system info) and 14 buttons on the front for controlling system functions without need for a keyboard. The whole unit is about the same size as a CDROM drive, so it’s no surprise that there’s no optical drive in the system. Price is $650, or just $500 for a barebones system. Considering that the mini-itx board only costs about $110 on the street, and that that plus a case, power supply and HD with a dash of GNU are all you need for your own system, the price of the Mini-Box seems a little steep.