Cool Shades Hide Head-Mounted Display

The EyeTop head-mounted display is one of the few consumer-grade HMD’s for every-day use around — hidden subtlely in a pair of wrap-around shades, the tiny QVGA 320×240 16-bit color LCD takes up only 16 monocular degrees of your vision, allowing you to interact with meat-space while a portion of your wetware does something else, such as viewing video, checking somebody’s whuffie or using using a rearview videocam system without needing to turn your head. The system costs $700, which is on the high end for a system of such low resolution, but you have to give marks to the design, which can be switched from right to left eye or removed entirely, I suppose. The belt-worn control unit takes any RCA video input, such as laptop, properly outfitted PDA, Archos Multimedia Jukebox, portable DVD or game machine. Link from Gizmodo.