GPS Watch For DINKs

If you’re still loaded with cash during this recession, and have the leisure time for golf or sailing, you might want to check out Suunto‘s new line of GPS watches. The M9 and G9 are for marine use and golf use respectively. They provide unique funtions for each sport; the G9 counts strokes and calculates the length of your drives, while the M9 has a man-overboard feature that sets the exact position of your crewman’s departure from the boat so you can come back to get him (when you’re done with your Bloody Mary, of course). Both use internal GPS receivers to calculate your position within 3 feet, and can track way points and speed, etc. Both watches also include alitimeter, barometer and tilt-corrected compass functions (the latter being particularly important since a GPS cannot tell you direction unless you’re moving). Street price for the M9 is around $650, for the G9 around $725. GPS watches from Suunto for real sports like mountaineering are expected soon.