Another Soul Gets Uplinked

I am saddened to announce that another friend of Street Tech has passed away. Street Tech co-founder Peter Sugarman’s dad, Marvin Sugarman, died last week. Marvin was a TV production guy, working in sports television. He taught Peter a lot of what he knows, about media production, and lots of other things. Peter’s been one of my mentors, so there’s a direct connection.

Marvin financed the creation of Beyond Cyberpunk!, the masive 1991 HyperCard e-book on cyberpunk sci-fi and pre-Web cybercultre that Peter, Mark Frauenfelder, Jim Leftwich, and I did. If BCP! earns a paragraph in the cyber-history books, Marvin should be in the group photo.

Happy trails, Marvin. Thanks for giving us Peter. He’s one ornery mofo (did he get that from you?), but we love him just the same.