Nintendo Console Gaming Without the Console

Nintendo’s got a cool new little device on the way called the iQue. The device (left) is a one-generation old gaming console that is entirely contained in the controller. This makes it an ideal device for gaming at a friend’s house or keeping the kids entertained on the road, since it will plug into any TV. The games, which are the same as those for the N64, come on memory cards that fit into the device. Price is expected to be around $60, with games costing probably another $20-$30. An interesting side note: this is the first gaming console ever legally allowed to be sold in China.

Update: it seems the games may be available for download through special kiosks to a flashable memory chip. Whether this is the sole method of distribution is not clear. My guess is no, since while it reduces hardware costs for the end-user it dramatically increases the costs for retailers and complicates existing distribution channels.