StreetTech Challenge: Bring On The Underwater Pics!

It should come as no surprise that we at Street Tech like to check out the competition, with our specially-tuned BS detectors set to “high.” C|Net is one of my favorites, and while trolling through their reviews, I ran across an interesting tidbit;

This reviewer will march naked down Broadway in the middle of February if anyone can show us a recognizable photograph taken with the Dimage Xt 100 feet underwater.

That challenge, issued by C|Net reporter Eamon Hickey in June, is apparently still unmet. Well, with x-mas coming up many people are going to be finding the Minolta Dimage Xt under their trees, and then perhaps taking a tropical vacation, I think it’s a perfect time to extend this challenge to the whole internet community. So go out, dive deep, and let’s see what we can come up with! Street Tech will offer a meager prize of some swag, signed by ST’s Editor in Chief and Senior Editor, as well as some odd technology we have lying around the labs, to the first person who can put Eamon Hickey marching down Broadway!