Confusion in the Marketplace? Not From MikeRoweSoft

Not that you really need another reason to think that Microsoft is a mean, giant, rich corporate bully, but the point is only proven by Microsoft’s recent campaign to force 17 year-old Michael Rowe to give up his website (where he does web design and other “soft” sort of things) which he calls MikeRoweSoft. Microsoft has sent young Mr. Rowe several letters demanding that he give up the name because people might be confused (a central argument for trademark violations) between his web design services and Microsoft’s Front Page web authoring tool. Microsoft initially offered to settle with Mr. Rowe for $10, but when he refused that offer since it wouldn’t even cover the domain registration fee, the MS Meanies sent him a 25 page letter suggesting that he intended to blackurl them all along, which would give them some leverage in court.

Michael Rowe is now fighting them, and collecting donations from his website to fund his “legal defence [sic: he’s canadian].”