One Of the Oldest Techs Gets First Update In 60 Years

According to the New York Times the system of Morse Code is about to get an update with the introduction of the dit-dah-dah-dit-dah-dit signal representing “@”. This will enable the four people in the United States who actually know Morse code to communicate email addresses to one another so they can share files and communicate on the Internet.

I kid because I love. Actually I was a huge Morse code fan when I was 6, and used my walkie-talkie to communicate dits and dahs to other friends in a very similar use of more sophisticated technology being used for more rudimentary purposes. Morse code is still useful in the case of national emergency, power outages and the like, since it can be broadcast over a variety of mediums. Everyone should learn it, if only for the purpose of being able to communicate in a binary language (instead of that much-easier-to-learn hex).