Smart Cars On The Way To US

There’s a lot of attention being paid to the youth market for cars these days. Companies are coming up with a lot more strange designs centered around the “lifestyle” and tastes of younger people, as evidenced by Honda’s Element and the Toyota Scion. But the innovation isn’t just coming from the Pacific side — Diamler Chrysler, which for many years has developed small, youth-oriented cars for the European market, has decided to release some of those little Smart Cars here in the US.

While the models for the US won’t be as small as the originals (some of which apparently were designed in conjunction with Swatch…no kidding) they will be some pretty unique cars. The first to come over will be the ForMore, which is a small sport ute. Other cars should follow though, and there are some pretty interesting looking ones, including a coupe (pictured, top) with a customizable two-tone color scheme that will probably make it over, and a strange variation of the ultra-tiny ForTwo two seater that looks like it could be popular in southern climes (pictured, bottom).

It should be noted that the two-seat versions of the Smart cars (like the one above, called the Crossblade) are now approved for import to the US and Canada. Two US companies will carry Smarts even before the ForMore makes its official debut.

Correction: originally I said the ForFour, a four-dour sedan, would be the first model to come over. Apparently it was too ugly for the American market and they decided to launch with the ForMore instead, which can be seen in an artists rendering by clicking “Read more..” The Smart brand will be sold through US Mercedes dealerships.