Limited Edition Scion: “The Orangest Car Ever”

I don’t know why this caught my eye — or why I thought it would appeal to anyone, but this incredibly orange car just drove by and it looked so unusual I had to know more.

The Scion Xb Release Series 1.0 is very orange. It has a vibrant “hot lava” paint job, orange interior accents, orange LED lighting, and orange engine accents as well. It also comes with some extras like a spoiler (orange) and a 6-CD (possibly with MP3 playback) changer with color-changing display (orange is one of the colors, I’m sure). There are only 2100 being made, and each comes with a numbered badge. Price is an extra $1000 above standard Xb prices, which start around $14k.

While I’m undecided about the aesthetics about the Scions, I have to admit this one tugs at me a bit. Maybe it’s the fact that orange is the color of my alma mater, maybe it’s the fancy tech inside, or maybe it’s just that it looks like someone took a cardboard box to MTV’s Pimp My Ride and came out the other side with a really cool, very orange, cardboard box. Whatever it is, for today, I want one more than a Mini MC40, though not quite as much as I want a Mini-mech.