Media Classes for the Happy Mutant

Here’s a series classes in NYC for the summer months that we can get behind – much better than macrame:

June 23, 2004 – Workshop #1

Micro-Radio Workshop with Neurotransmitter: This workshop brings together techniques, ideas, and histories of micro-radio technologies. The workshop consists of the following building mini-FM transmitters from both kits and everyday scrap materials, playing and creating experimental broadcasts and discussion of micro-radio and DIY broadcast methods.

July 7, 2004 – Workshop #2

Build your own microphones with Mike Rosenthal.: This workshop will teach how to make easy and affordable contact and binaural microphones.

Registration fee is $25 general public, $20 for Eyebeam members. Check out all the cool stuff and classes at Eyebeam.

They also have a class on blogging coming up in July, and who knows, we may just go. It’s not like we’ve ever taken any classes in it, so it might be useful…