Pocket Web Viewer …and nothing else!

While everyone wants to be able to surf from wherever they happen to be, I have a feeling that PocketSurfer isn’t the solution most of us are looking for.

On the pro side, the screen is an decent size and the speed optimization seems useful. Using a phone you (likely) already have for the communications is a nice modular concept, and allowing either Bluetooth or a cable connection should give the company a wide potential user base.

On the con side, the keyboard looks pretty iffy, and you have no local storage, which, however unnecessary it may be for many surfing, will put many people off. For one, it means you won’t be able to cache valuable information for use in places where your phone won’t work. Battery life of just 4-6 hours is also pretty poor compared with modern laptops, but perhaps carrying extra (proprietary?) batteries is an option. Finally, you must subscribe to their ISP (on top of cell phone charges) in order for this device to work.

At US$200 a pop, I could get a pretty decent PDA, so I think I’ll keep looking…