Downloadable Role-Playing Games

Steve Jackson Games, which gets our vote for the best, most under-appreciated game company on the planet, has launched an innovated electronic publishing venture where you can purchase and download PDF versions of many of their role-playing game materials. One cool feature of the project, called e23, is that you can re-download files after you’ve purchased them, in case you lose them, want to access them from another location, etc. As you might imagine, many of the materials are for GURPS (Generic Universal Role-Playing System).

The latest offering (an exclusive to e23), for GURPS WWII, is called Michael’s Army. It explores the strange role of Romania in the war. Romania started out as part of the Axis powers (hoping Hitler would help them reclaim land lost to Russia after WWI), but switched sides (using Germany’s own weapons against them) when they realized that Hitler was not big on sharing. Who knew that Romania had a navy, with a submarine, even!