Sucks MORE Gadgetry

We’ve been enjoying Brendan I. Koerner’s “Low End Theory” columns on Gizmodo. His most recent one is on the ridiculous techno-crap sold in the Sharper Image catalogs.

Street Tech had its own run-in with the makers of one of the all-surface, no-depth gizmos in which the “Image” traffics. It was the flat-panel, wall-mounted CD stereo system they used to sell. I called the manufacturer and asked for an evaluation unit for ST. The PR guy said: “For a review? A critical review?” Yes. “It’s an inexpensive system you know?” Yes. We’ll keep that in mind. “Is this going to be a comparative review” (They *always* ask that). No. Stand alone. “It really is a nice looking system.” I see that. That’s one of the reasons we’d like to take a look at it. [Pause] “Okay. We’ll get one out to you.” It never arrived. A follow-up email went unanswered. But I’m sure it would have looked very nice on the wall. Sharp, even.