Firefox 1.5 Released

Mozilla has released the latest version of their monopoly-fighting open-source browser Firefox 1.5. The latest release includes faster browsing, better security, more customized interface, improved pop-up blocker, and enhanced privacy (read: ability to hide the naughty bits in your history). The most interesting feature is the “live bookmarks” feature that scans your favorite sites for updates and shows the fresh content right in the bookmark icon. Pretty cool.

In another interesting twist, Mozilla has gone dotcom. That’s right, you won’t find the new version at – all you’ll find there is a redirect to the new website. The new corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to support the development of the Mozilla software suite. So the new corp is supported by the non-prof, which in turn feeds the profits back to the foundation? I’m confused. But I’m happy as long as somebody’s getting rich other than Bill.