TiVo to Host Press Event Tomorrow

Following on the heels of Apple’s rather disappointing press-haha on Tuesday, TiVo announced a press event for Thursday. As Engadget so succinctly put it:

“So, let the guessing game begin. TiVo Series 3? The subscription model? A partnership with NetFlix (could be; the invite promises appearances by CEO Tom Rogers and “other special guests”)? All we know is that if they end up showing off nothing but a speaker system and a leather carrying case for your DVR, we’re bailing.”

Update (3/2/06): It was even worse than anyone expected. None of the above speculated announcements. This “event” was to announce “KidZone,” a parental blocking and program recommendation service.

Whoopty-f’ing-Do. We feel sorry for the gadget press grunts that traipsed all the way out to this “event,” held this AM, at the Museum of Television and Radio, in the Big Applet.