Still Kickin’ Bot

For those who only knew combat robotics through the short-lived cult hit Battlebots on Comedy Central, you may be surprised to know that robot wars are still prosecuted in battleboxes all over our Big Blue Marble. One can only hope that, in this IPTV world, fans of bot-on-bot action can find more ready access to this 21st century take on the contact sport. (Hey TiVo: How about deep sixing that unwatchable Rocketboom and give us BotBash instead!?)

One recent event was tthe 4th Annual National Championship of the Robot Fighting League and the ComBots Cup, held at that mecca for robotic combat, San Francisco’s Ft. Mason. Robot magazine has some really nice photo essays and a report on the event on their website. Also be sure to check out the Combots site for additional coverage and video of the event.